What’s the key to Choose a Good Apartment?

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It’s a good question and Best Milton Movers will try to give you some tips which might be useful.

From standard living to trendy extras, rentals offer plenty of choices. You are smart if begin looking earlier. As soon as you decide the area you want to stay in, check out a number of places and do a bit of “comparison browsing.”

Any time you examine an apartment, have these things on hand:

  • Measuring tape
  • Plug-in night light
  • Light bulb
  • Flashlight


Milton Moving Companies advise you to have those things on you to check all the plugs, all dark and hidden spaces, like for instance closets, and measure your room, windows etc. This helps you when choosing furniture and window blinds, curtains etc. Try not to stop there. Next step you should make is knocking on your potential neighbor’s doors and introduce yourself. This way you’ll gather more info: are the neighbor warm and friendly, what do they think about management, building, area etc., what can they say regarding disturbance in the building? Once you choose the apartment you like, be prepared to work. Have your check book, notice of assessment, personal references, and credit history available. When you meet up with building manager, be prompt, nice, and friendly. The nice impression you make works to your benefit. Milton Movers wishing you good luck!

Packing Your Stuff When Moving

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Our Moving company Milton, Ontario reminds you what stuff doesn’t require packing when moving.

-Living plants and flowers or pets

-Money and all other, valuable papers, expensive jewelry, and/or items of unique sentimental value. Hold these things with you all the time

-Flammable products like spray cans, paint, gas, etc…

-Perishable products for example food items

-Hazardous products like toxic, harsh, or explosive solids, fluids, and/or gases


Now, let us to remind you how to pack a box properly.

The majority of people do not even care about how they load up their boxes, and quite often are not doing it properly. A poorly packed box always results broken stuff at the end of the moving. Try to spend some time on packing properly your boxes or ask for help form professional movers. Follow suggestions given at the bottom and have a successful delivery.


  1. Begin with grouping your stuff of similar weight and size together. Do not place opposite things together in one box (this makes it less complicated as soon as you start to unpack your boxes). For instance, keep cookware in one box but your pictures in another.
  2. Cover every item that you wish to protect from any damage. Paper books needs to be sealed in plastic bags (and also this protects pictures and works of art). The breakable kitchen stuff can be extra protected by wrapping them in kitchen or bath towels. The best wrapping option would be bubble wrap.
  3. Fill the whole box on top and sides!   Apply extra bubble wrap and packing peanuts, making layers.
  4. Fill the box’s room up to the very top!
  5. Do not exceed 30 lbs in one box. Those which are overweight can break up and open.
  6. Secure your box with tape! Seal its top, bottom and around the entire box.

Happy Packing and remember that Best Milton Movers are always at your service.

Easy Moving in Milton

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Everybody whom the circumstances are forcing to change their place of residence or work, are dreaming about an easy move. Many people believe though that they can do it without moving company’s assistance, trying to carry out their moving on their own. However, if we are talking about large moving which include equipment and heavy furniture, professional assistance is a must. Therefore, an easy moving is quite possible if hiring a good moving company that operates in the field for many years and has strong professional team. When choosing a moving company, we should pay attention to the following factors: how professional, experienced and accurate the crew is; affordable prices, which will allow the customer to carry out its relocate with minimum expenses; the exact calculation of the services provided. The customer should be confident that he is not being overcharged, but pays for the service he gets, as each type of service has its price (taking into account also the individual characteristics of the order); responsibility and warranties. A good moving company is liable for client’s property delivery; additional services: stuff packing, furniture assembling and many others on request. Best Milton Movers offer all those listed above.

Our representative will answer to all your questions and help you choose the best moving option. To make a request, you can choose any of the three methods of getting hold of Milton Movers listed below: Call our company; • Make an application online; • or come to our office and provide us with a written request detailing all the nuances of your order.

Thus, an easy relocate is absolutely possible with the help of professionals!